Artist Film Project Facilitation – Tynedale Hospice at Home

Facilitation of a series of artist film workshops at Tynedale Hospice at Home working with a group of cross generational people living with grief, to produce a short piece of film. The activity helped participants realise their experiences creatively and the charity to engage and inspire the people they work with.

As a project facilitator I offer end to end workshop production to collaboratively plan bespoke activity with a group or organisation. As an artist sometimes our role is to empower and engage before stepping back and allowing participants to take the creative lead. This is some of the most valuable work one can produce as an artist. I believe art should be a catalyst that inspires, challenges ideology and creates community.


Rachel was contracted as the creative lead facilitating an inspiring artist film production project bringing old and young together at Tynedale Hospice at Home to create a piece of visual art that explored how they manage grief. Rachel’s warmth, compassion and insight helped a group of bereaved grandparents, parents and teenagers feel relaxed and comfortable, allowing them to talk openly about their experiences and their feelings, whilst learning new ways to express this artistically. Rachel planned and delivered a 6 week timeline of activity that resulted in a final artistic product. The work is a touching artist film which is used regularly at the hospice to help families feel less isolated in their grief.

Emma Andrews – Family Support Practitioner, Tynedale Hospice at Home