Artist Film

My artist film work presents a range of dream-like perspectives, often combining surrealism with art documentary. I explore memory, memorial and personal hauntology using experimental cinematography and editing techniques. The more personal aspects of this work include approaches to the visual and ambient perspectives of living with Narcolepsy.

PastPresentFuture (Artist Film, 2021) – An artist film exploration in to grief and memory exhibited at B&D Studios as part of Behold Solo Exhibition in July 2021.

Do You Care For Another Person? (Artist Film, 2020) – Artist moving image work in response to a survey carried out in Byker and Walker in August 2020 about people’s experience of COVID 19 lockdown. It was funded by The NewBridge Project’s For Solidarity Campaign and was screened online at their Solidarity Social in November 2020. The work is an exploration of alternative ways of processing data in response to real life experience of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Boxed (Spoken Word and Artist Film, 2020) – Spoken word and video combines to explore the experience of feeling restrained by social and political expectations and limitations of identity. What does it mean to have a fixed identity and are we better equipped to exist fluidly and adaptably. Why should one’s gender or postcode be a constraint to empowerment and success, or the right to happiness.

Insect Dreamz (Artist Film, 2017) – Artist moving image work exploring isolation, forgotten landscapes and a longing for a place you have never been. THE BRAIN IN SPAIN CRAWLS MAINLY ON THE PLANE. A distant memory of a forgotten dream that never really happened anyway. Shot on location in Santa Pola, Spain.

Save Our Souls (Artist Film, 2016) – An artist Film exploration of the experience of lucid dreaming, narcolepsy and the public realm. We drift into sleep in greatest of places and our dreams take us on journeys only our subconscious can imagine.

Ga Sài Gòn (Artist Film, 2015) – Artist moving image exploration of the act of using travel as a means to overcome grief. Shot on location in 2015 at Ga Sài Gòn (Sài Gòn train station), Ho Chi Minh City.

Noonies Map (Documentary, 2011) – Noonie is a brilliant human being with a passionate heart and a classic mind. Her projects are as epic as ancient Rome. This is a re-edit of a project worked on with Mali Bidabehere, Nisha Keshav, Sara Paschini and Reena Raj at London Academy of Media, Film and TV.