Artist Statement

As an emerging North-East Visual Artist I produce conceptual mixed media and artist film exploring surrealism combined with abstract dimensionism. I use light, shadow and colour combined with representations of three and four dimensional shapes using acrylic, collage, mixed media, and moving image.

My consideration of dimensional space and colour embodies a representation of shifting socio-political perspectives on diversity (and neurodiversity) of human ability, mental health and knowledge in the age of information.

In acrylic and mixed media my work is a celebration of the tesseract (or hyper cube), a four dimensional shape that can be observed from multiple perspectives. Each time you view the shape you see something new, observing the shape from multiple angles, considering the different interconnected cubes forming the whole shape and the central point of focus, seemingly changing position before your eyes or when you look again. The tesseract offers an avenue of structure and boundaries in form while representing diversity of thought in the multiple viewable perspectives of the shape. The work considers practical thought processes and approaches to consciousness regarding the idea that one can have two or more opposing thoughts at one time and value (or reject) all equally. My artistic exploration of abstract dimensionism offers both challenges in its construction and opens doorways to new avenues of visual experimentation.

Conceptually I use my workspace to constantly and fluidly exhibit within the small space. A single room is used often as a canvas through the installation and destruction of work, painting directly onto the walls or on top of finished works. This process combines artist film as a means to create a digital record (or digital ghosts) of past productions. I subtly reference my previous experience working in film and media production and the digital and grassroots communications within these industries. This is a process of conceptual thinking about the permanence and transition of creativity within the vastly expanding digital realm.

My artist film work presents a range of dream-like perspectives, often combining surrealism with art documentary sometimes blurring boundaries between canvas and screen. I live with an invisible disability that impacts my sleep, physical and mental energy levels and mental health. The more personal aspects of this work include approaches to the visual and ambient perspectives of living with Narcolepsy and mental ill-health.