Reimagining Regina: Past and Present

Rachel Eleanor Brook produced, directed and edited Reimagining Regina: Past and Present, an Artist Moving Image exploration of themes that arose from community activity at Arbeia Roman Fort in 2022. With support from Wycombe 89 Media and Artists Bella Street Fenn and Madeleine Smyth Rachel explored the idea of past and present rituals around memory and memorial and how we celebrate life and think about death. The film’s action was inspired by the painting A Roman Funeral by Ronald Embleton and on learning that Regina’s Tombstone was unearthed next to what is now a supermarket car park.

Before the film starts you will see a short introduction about the community activity, Move Like A Hadrian, by Wycombe89 Media, exploring Arbeia’s multicultural and multinational past with community participants living in the region.

The Films

Move Like a Hadrian

Film by Wycombe89 Media

Length: 03:50

Audio with Subtitles

Thanks to students from South Tyneside College ESOL department and the participants. Produced for South Tyneside Council.

Reimagining Regina: Past and Present

Length: 09:02

Sound: Wind blowing and viola playing

Participants: Rachel Eleanor Brook, Madeleine Smyth, Bella Street Fenn, Wycombe 89 Media.

A contemporary artistic re-imagination of A Roman Funeral. A mourning procession from Arbeia to the location where Regina’s Tombstone was found in South Shields. The work explores performance, movement, the sound of wind blowing and includes music produced by Madeleine Smyth.